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Product Photography

I am an avid photographer and have studied A-Level Photography and Graphic design, but you do not need any photography knowledge to create stunning product photos. The method I am going to show you here works best with small products, such as jewellery, candles and similar items.

What you will need:

- Laptop

- Phone or camera

- Mirror

- Glass cleaner and Kitchen roll

- Your product

- A fairly dark room

- A phone stand or tripod (optional)

What you need to do first is clean, use the glass cleaner and kitchen roll (I like to use kitchen roll because it doesn't leave any little fuzzy bits) on your laptop screen and the mirror, so they are smudge-free, also do this on your phone camera if you are taking the photos on your phone. If you are using a camera, use a proper camera cleaner so you do not harm the lens.

Then, make the room dark if it isn't already, it's probably best to do this in the evening or early morning for that reason, but I just propped some boards up by my window and closed my curtains and did this at midday.

The next thing is to find a backdrop on youtube. Log into your laptop and find a video to use- this video should be an hour or longer, which gives you plenty of time to set up and shoot. You could also use a still image, either one that you have taken or found online

Some examples you could use are linked below!


Blue and red swirls-

Rainbow lava lamp-

Pink, purple and blue-

To find a video on youtube, good searches include 'abstract background loop', 'background video'


Pink and purple sky-

Blue cloudy sky-

Green/blue gradient-

For a still background you could also use a pattern, or even a solid colour- just have a play around on google images to find something you like!

Once you have the video ready, put the mirror across the keyboard, and you'll see the reflection on the (now very clean) mirror. Put your product on the mirror and start taking photos!

To take the photos you can use your phone or camera and if you want you can use a tripod for this.

Here is one of mine:

Give it a go, and happy photographing!

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